Chemistry at school

Scientific theoretical and methodical journal
Published since 1937.

Founded by:

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Russian Academy of Education
JSC Tsentrkhimpress

  1. Editor-in-chief — Lyudmila S. Levina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Honorable educator of the Russian Federation, member of the jury of the competition "Teacher of the Year" (Russia), Chairman of the Interregional association of teachers of chemistry.

  2. Deputy editor — Irina A. Kostenchuk
  3. Finance director — Yulia D. Chicheleva
  4. Editor of department — Elizaveta B. Borunova

The scientific-theoretical and methodological journal "Chemistry in School" is served for chemistry teachers of secondary educational institutions, chemistry teachers of secondary special and higher education institutions, degree-seeking students of the pedagogical sciences, specialty 13.00.00 (pedagogical sciences). It publishes materials that enhance teachers' skills, update their scientific and methodological training in accordance with the needs of modern society and the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard, also there are articles which represent the results of the research activities of postgraduate students, degree-seeking students and PhD students

Content of the journal is defined by traditional sections:

  1. «Science and Industry»
  2. «Methods and exchange of experience»
  3. «Consultation»
  4. «Chemistry experiment»
  5. «Extracurricular activities»
  6. «From the History of Chemistry»


  1. «The pedagogical science»
  2. «The federal state educational standard»
  3. «Preparation for the study of chemistry»
  4. «Preparation students for the exam»
  5. «For beginning teachers»
  6. «Specialized education»

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